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Board Member

Tony Melton

Tony is the Human Resoure Manager for VIA Credit Untion and has been there since 1999. He is a member of the UW board and has been serving for almost 10 years. 

When asked, why do you love Grant County/serve in Grant County? Tony said, 

"I started serving on the board because the previous director had asked me and I just couldn't say no. I had worked for Mike McMillan as a student at IWU in the 70's, so when he was the director at the Boys and Girls Club, I jumped on board."

Tony believes that the United Way serves Grant County very well. He believes that this county has been hit hard with factories closing and jobs leaving for some. This has caused an even greater need in the commuinty and Tony believes that the United Way helps to meet those needs in the best ways they can. 

Tony loves getting to serve and be a part of the UW board, and he has a word for you!

"If you have been blessed, take hold of the opportunity to help others who have not been."