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Our Partners

Here at UWGC we LOVE being able to partner with organizations within our community. Getting to partner with organizations allows us to make a greater impact within the community to generate advancements in the areas of Education, Health, and Financial Stability here in Grant County.  

Our current Grant County partner agencies are:

We take pride in being able to partner with each and every one of these organizations and are in full support of what each organization stands for.

Additionally, our funding process is very important to us, and we fund our 11 partner organizations by assessing their annual performance. 

A committee of community members (volunteers) goes in and assesses and evaluates the organization's impact through an application process and personal interviews. Based on this process, we then invest available funds for each organization according to the evaluation. 

Through this process, the volunteers are able to gain a greater understanding of the ins and outs of each organization. We love being able to do this because it allows volunteers to gain first-hand experience with each organization. It also permits them to see the needs that need to met in each organization but also the ones that are currently being met through our funding.