A "Newbie"

Beautiful older lady came to us after just learning that she has the beginnings of macular degeneration. She can still see enough to drive- during the daytime at least- and came to us on her own. She was concerned about what was going to happen from here. Was she going to be completely without sight, how was she going to remain on her own (she’s very independent) and was frankly a bit scared as to what comes next. We were able to give her reassurance that: 1) with the eye condition she would retain her outer vision and not be completely blind, and 2) she was not alone. Thanks to the allocation that we received from the United Way of Grant County, we would always be here for her to help her learn to do things on her own and to provide her the aids to accomplish her tasks and reach her goals. Once again- thank you to the United Way of Grant County. 

This program is supported through the United Way of Grant County Community Investment