United Way has been joined by Meijer, GM, Horizon Bank and Atlas Foundry who have made significant initial contributions to the COVID-19 assistane fund. If you would like to join us in supporting those affected by this crisis, this is your opportunity to donate. 

Call (765) 662-9811 or visit 

Here is how that fund will be use to impact the community. In response to current and future effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting need for social distancing, United Way of Grant County has created the COVID Assistance Fund to support local at-risk populations.  During this time, United Way recognizes the hardships facing many of our families and neighbors.  This public health situation is changing all of our lives in unique and challenging ways.

Our support network of food pantries, community assistance programs and others are already seeing a surge in requests for assistance. They anticipate the need to increase as local workers are faced with a reduction in hours and income. A growing number of residents in the low/middle income bracket are at risk and in need of assistance.

Of course, the immediate need is for public health education regarding the importance of protecting families, neighbors and ourselves.  As social distancing continues, that need is changing to keeping people fed and keeping them secure in their homes.  This change requires us to act swiftly and strategically – and we are doing all that we can for those who count on us.

The COVID Assistance Fund will help our community in the following ways:

  1. Make sure local social service organizations have the resources they need to assist community members with obtaining basic needs, such as food, rent and utilities.  We anticipate that there will be alterations to physical structures and/or additional equipment and supplies that will be necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of agency staff and volunteers, as well as the patrons who visit their facilities.
  2. Strengthen our network of service and assistance organizations to make local programming easier to access.  We want our network to operate more efficiently and more effectively in Grant County to serve the needs of at-risk populations.
  3. Ensure the development of sufficient childcare capacity and early childhood education opportunities for Grant County youth, especially (during this pandemic) for healthcare and emergency workers.
  4. Encourage and support partnership strategies and solutions with local businesses to meet the immediate and long-term needs of residents in need.
  5. Develop better access to current local information, especially when in a crisis mode.
  6. Work with educators, parents and students to ensure that educational opportunities remain high, whether or not students are in a physical classroom.
  7. Promote technology upgrades that allow for secure, work-from-anywhere solutions for local workers.  Encourage companies to identify and develop work-from-anywhere solutions for their workforce.

You can also join us in giving gifts of thanks to our healthcare heroes and first responders. Please make an online donation which will be used to purchase gift cards from local retail and restaurants for those working every day at high risk to provide healthcare, safety, and essential services for our Grant County community.

This becomes a two-fold benefit to our community—supporting our essential workers and providing critical cash support to our local businesses during the covid-19 global pandemic. There's always something you can do. Be a part of the solution and help keep the Grant County economy churning! Feel free to share and challenge others to do the same. We're all in this together!


Together the community raised $71,549. This funding was invested in the following ways:

     Technology expansion and needs to serve clients remotely

     Food (Groceries and Meals)

     Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)


    Gifts of Thanks for our local frontline workers from local County Chamber members


  • Food (7 orgs): $26,500, Rent/utilities (2 orgs): $9,000, Childcare & student assistance (2 orgs): $6,200, Mental Wellness (4 orgs): $7,990, PPE (EMA and 9 partner agencies /3 childcares ): $3,300
  • 52 iPads donated to the UW from TCCGives to help with technology needs. 9 partners received iPads
  • Cleaning supplies donated by Madison-Grant teachers classrooms for childcare facilities: 31 tubs of wipes and 48 hand sanitizers delivered to 9 childcares across the county
  • Gift Cards of Thanks (purchase gift cards of $10 each from small businesses and gave to essential workers) 2 partnerships initially now functioning as one team under the 2nd model:
    • UW and Economic Growth Council ($3500: money given by the 2 orgs) 100 cards given to Butterworth, Café Valley and American Woodmark
    • UW/CF/ Marion-Grant County Chamber/Upland Chamber/Gas City Area Chamber: many raised by orgs and community donation. So far 684 card purchased from 27 Chamber businesses and 839 employees at 11 Chamber member nursing homes were surprised/thanked


If you are a social service agency that may need to apply for assistance please fill out the following link:

At this time the United Way of Grant County is not providing direct assistance to indviduals. For direct assistance please visit

Please continue to visit COVID-19 page: