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Financial Stability

United Way of Grant County Vision for Financial Stability

šFinancial Stability: Individuals and families in crisis can meet basic needs and can gain economic stability through education, job training and affordable housing.

•A family found themselves in crisis and no place to stay that would allow the family to stay together. In a time of crisis, it is important to try and support the strong, positive family bonds for both the adult and children. Salvation Army was able to provide shelter for the family to help them in the emergency situation as well as to support the family to get back on their feet.
•It is more than a hot meal that you receive at St. Martin’s. In this place everyone receives their dignity and respect as a human being. A young woman was noticed in the lunch line one day. Frail, visibly abused with a broken spirit. The volunteers and staff of St. Martin’s reached out to her not to push or pry but to learn her story and meet her needs where they were in that moment. She was in the clutches of an addiction. Homeless, in an abusive relationship, separated from her family, the woman was cold and hungry. Though she wasn’t ready for deeper assistance the team was able to make sure she had a safe place to be feed physically and emotionally. She was given warmer clothes and blankets that she could call her own. The hope is that then leads her to return and slowly begin to re-engage in society and a place she could turn on her journey.