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United Way of Grant County Vision for Education

šEducation: All children are nurtured by informed parents/caregivers with access to quality health, developmental and educational opportunities which prepare them to be successful adults

•Sometimes it isn’t about working with the kids but helping the adults understand they need to see to listen. A young boy was acting out, flipping furniture, hitting walls and himself all the while hearing the adults around him comment on how he just doesn’t want to listen. Once a new way of seeing his behavior was shared, that he was saying “See how upside down my life is” and “See how much this hurts” that same little boy has not only found an advocate for him in other but in himself in a much more positive way. Family Services Society is about creating and supporting healthy relationship and advocates. Voices where they were told to be silent.
•70-year-old widow living alone. Signed up for Medicare at 65 with a supplemental plan. Over the years the premiums gradually went up as well as the cost of prescription drugs. After taking part in the free Medicare/Medicaid Counseling offered by the Senior Center I was able to save $1,200 on my prescriptions and an additional $1,200 in premiums.