COVID-19 Economic Relief Initiative

Economic Relief Intitiative Fund


The 1st Wave of Economic Relief Initiative funding ($400,000) process is designed to allow organizations to take a moment to think from reactive to proactive. The 2nd Wave ($190,815) is designed to address the immediate, basic and essential needs of the local community that are ongoing physical, social and economic effects from the pandemic. 

The ERI Committee is looking for applications that are inspired and transformational. Organization can apply for ERI Wave 2 funding now. We are hopeful to see applications that support organizations in our community to do business in a new way post pandemic. We expect to see, based on data, programming that is addressing the needs and barriers that families, possibly families that have never needed to request assistance before, to reach a sustainable and successful recovery from the Pandemic. We hope the applications include what the program needs to function now and then progression to a sustainable model. 

The United Way is aware that COVID-19 has aggravated many of the root causes and circumstances of poverty and the United Way is also concerned about the impact on Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed (ALICE) families of Grant County. The United Way of Grant County is focused on addressing the root causes and the increased strain that COVID-19 has placed on Grant County families.

The United Way of Grant County hopes to see creative and collaborative programing to address barriers that working families face in Grant County that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The investment of Economic Relief Initiative Funding directly toward programming should create measurable change, at least enough to indicate continued work in that area. The United Way is interested in plans that address and begin to create long term support for families facing barriers to employment like childcare, transportation, mentorship, financial/budget training, skill development, shelter, access to nutrition, access to technology (for adults and children), coping and stress reduction techniques.

These funds are not to use to address the deferred or loss of revenue due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Lilly Endowment has awarded funding to the United Way of Grant County for Economic Relief and to support programing in our community addressing these circumstances however, this is still limited resource. Each application will be reviewed by a committee of volunteers and approved by the United Way of Grant County Board of Directors as funding is available.


To be eligible to receive funding from the United Way of Grant County, your organization must:

  • Be recognized by the IRS as a non-profit under IRS code or Government office.
  • Program that serves residents in Grant Count in the areas of Health, Education or Financial Stability, priority focus on ALICE families.


The United Way expects to see data results related to the investment of this Economic Relief Initiative. Awardees will have to be able to provide quantitative and qualitative data measures.

Organizations are encouraged to track data included in United Way Worldwide's Global Results Framework:

Consider these data points: number of reduced transmission points for virus spread/ Number of individuals provided with access to healthy food/number of individuals with increased access to safe housing/ Number of children 0-5 in quality childcare/ Number of new seats in quality childcare (PTQ 3-4)/ Number of volunteers engaged/ Number of families with increased ability to maintain quality housing/ Number of individuals with increase job skills or secured new employment (related to a COVID-19 job loss or hour reduction)


Reporting deadlines are given in the announcement of award. Reporting can be submitted using our Reporting Form or as a narrative report with budget that includes funding spent and records.  


□   Copy of IRS letter granting your 501(c) 3 status

□   Signed Counterterrorism Compliance Form 

□   Copy of most recent IRS 990

□   Completed Grant Application with Program Budget




Questions?  Contact

Alicia Hazelwood at 765-662-9811 or