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COVID-19 Economic Relief Initiative


United Way of Grant County is pleased to announce that it has been approved to receive a $400,000.00 COVID-19 Economic Relief Initiative Grant, made possible through a partnership between Lilly Endowment, Inc. and Indiana United Ways, the state professional association of which United Way of Grant County is a member.  These special funds will be used to boost the efforts of selected area human and social service nonprofits on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic.  


The COVID-19 Economic Relief Initiative Grant calls for United Ways that receive funding to leverage partnerships and relationships to better meet Covid-related essential and basic needs, which could include safe, emergency childcare, and to address other Covid-19 critical issues as they emerge. Specifically, United Way of Grant County plans to work with a committee of community leaders to address the mid and long-term impacts that COVID-19 has had on Grant County.  

ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) families are an existing focus of programing for the United Way of Grant County and will remain so during this time. UWGC will support local social service organizations have the resources to assist with obtaining basic needs, to make local programming easier to access, and support development of enough early childhood education capacity. UWGC is aware of mid and long term needs of local businesses and employees so supporting access to current local information and the capacity for technology toward remote work and educational opportunities is important. Prior to this event Grant County had a poverty rate of 19% and an unemployment rate of 3.9%. Grant County was also identified as a childcare desert by Early Learning Indiana. The current unmet needs in Grant County are access to Personal Protection Equipment for healthcare/first responders, Rent/Utility assistance, food, and childcare. We are beginning to hear from employers the struggle to remain open either due to employees remaining home from fear of contraction of COVID-19 or the lack of business transactions to keep them profitable during this time. 

The Economic Relief Initiative funding process is designed to allow organizations to take a moment to think from reactive to proactive. The ERI Committee is looking for applications that are inspired and transformational. We are hopeful to see applications that support organizations in our community to do business in a new way post pandemic. We expect to see, based on data, programming that is addressing the needs and barriers that families, possibly families that have never needed to request assistance before, to reach a sustainable and successful recovery from the Pandemic. We hope the applications include what the program needs to function now and then progression to a sustainable model. 


This effort is designed to address relief from and transition to a routine after COIVD-19. The United Way is driven by the mission to build stronger families by focusing support on Health, Education and Financial Stability to achieve measurable results by uniting community resources. The United Way is aware that COVID-19 has aggravated many of the root causes and circumstances of poverty and the United Way is also concerned about the impact on Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed (ALICE) families of Grant County. The United Way of Grant County is focused on addressing the root causes and the increased strain that COVID-19 has placed on Grant County families.

The United Way of Grant County hopes to see creative and collaborative programing to address barriers that working families face in Grant County that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The investment of Economic Relief Initiative Funding directly toward programming should create measurable change, at least enough to indicate continued work in that area. The United Way is interested in plans that address and begin to create long term support for families facing barriers to employment like childcare, transportation, mentorship, financial/budget training, skill development, shelter, access to nutrition, access to technology (for adults and children), quality of life experiences, coping and stress reduction techniques.

These funds are not to use to address the deferred or loss of revenue due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Lilly Endowment has awarded funding to the United Way of Grant County for Economic Relief and to support programing in our community addressing these circumstances however, this is still limited resource. Each application will be reviewed by a committee of volunteers and approved by the United Way of Grant County Board of Directors as funding is available.


To be eligible to receive funding from the United Way of Grant County, your organization must:

  • Be recognized by the IRS as a non-profit under IRS code or Government office.
  • Program that serves residents in Grant Count in the areas of Health, Education or Financial Stability, priority focus on ALICE families.
  • Have a current annual audit. **
  • Have an annual tax return (990/990EZ). If your organization is an organized as a church under IRS code 501 (c) 3, you must submit a statement of cash flows and statement of financial position.
  • Have an active Board of Directors
  • Have a succession plan for Board of Directors and Agency Leadership
  • Joint applications by organizations will receive priority consideration

**Please note, organizations that do not currently have an annual audit are welcome to apply, and if awarded funds, will be required to submit an audit with no significant finding within the first year of funding to be eligible for the funding period. If applying without an audit, you must present the most recent year-end financial statement and the current year’s operational budget (this is in addition to the program budget and other required attachments you submit as part of the proposal).


The United Way has focused areas of concerns that these funds will be directed toward.

  1. Re-opening Ramp-up materials or needs as COVID has changed the physical environment of doing business.
  2. Make sure local social service organizations have the resources they need to assist community members with obtaining basic needs, such as food, rent and utilities. 
  3. Strengthen our network of service and assistance organizations to make local programming easier to access.  We want our network to operate more efficiently and more effectively in Grant County to serve the needs of at-risk populations.
  4. Ensure the development of sufficient childcare capacity and early childhood education opportunities and summer engagement for Grant County youth.
  5. Encourage and support partnership strategies and solutions with local businesses to meet the immediate and long-term needs of residents in need. Workforce skill development and barrier removal for families/employees.
  6. Develop better access to current local information, especially in future crisis.
  7. Work with educators, parents and students to ensure that educational opportunities remain high, whether or not students are in a physical classroom.
  8. Promote technology upgrades/access that allow for secure, work-from-anywhere solutions for local workers.  Encourage companies to identify and develop work-from-anywhere solutions for their workforce.
  9. Professional development/mentorship for employees (business and NP professionals)


The United Way expects to see data results related to the investment of this Economic Relief Initiative. Awardees will have to be able to provide quantitative and qualitative data measures.

           -the number of reduced transaction points for virus spread

           -the number of individuals provided access to healthy food options

           -the number of individuals/families with increased access to safe and affordable housing

           -the number of children ages 0-5 in quality (PTQ 3-4) childcare

           -the number of new seats available for quality (PTQ 3-4) childcare

           -the number of volunteers engaged

           -increase ability to maintain affordable and quality housing

           -increased skill level for job placement

Other outputs and measurables that apply to the grant application are encouraged. Organizations are encouraged to track data included in United Way Worldwide's Global Results Framework:

Monthly/trend reports will be required.

Release Timeline

  • Ramp-up Grants are now closed. These quick response funding releases were made to assist organizations re-open in accordance with Governor Holcomb’s Back on Track Plan.                     
    • Awards:
      • Carey Services ($2,000)
      • St. Martin’s Community Center ($2,000)
      • Marion Community School of the Arts ($2,000)
      • Marion-Grant County Senior Center ($2,000)
      • Cancer Services of Grant County ($2,000)
      • Lakeview Wesleyan Church: Feed the Street ($2,000)
      • Circles of Grant County ($1,000)
      • YMCA ($2,000)
      • Boys & Girls Club ($2,000)
  • Economic Relief Initiatives
    • Application will be made online at
    • ERI Committee will have the authority to make grant awards
    • Funding request should include how COVID has increased or exaggerated the barriers for families based on root causes.
    • Ask for funding needed (identify any additional funding sources- requested and received)
    • Final report will be due when funding or program timeline is exhausted or by December 30, 2021.
    • Must include budget and program narrative.
    • Applications will be reviewed monthly
    • There will be several waves of Funding.
      • Phase 1: Application due by July 6, Awards end of July
      • Phase 2: Application due by Aug 3, Awards end of August  
      • Phase 3: Application due by February 1, Awards end of February
      • Final Phase: Application due May 3, Awards end of May

Application Process

We will leverage the COVID Assistance Committee to determine funding awards. Priority will be given to social service agencies that apply jointly to address root causes. All applications will have to address the needs in the community that existed before and after COVID-19. They will also need to be able to report on number of individuals provided with healthy food, number of individuals/families provided affordable housing, number of children 0-5 in Paths To Quality Childcare/education, number of volunteers engaged, number of individuals assisted with emergency rent/utility assistance and other measures designed by the applicant. The United Way of Grant County will expect qualitative and quantitative data reports. 


□   Copy of IRS letter granting your 501(c) 3 status

□   Signed Counterterrorism Compliance Form 

□   List of current board members, officers including terms of service and succession plan

□   Copy of most recent IRS 990

□   Completed Grant Application with Program Budget

*if applying in collaboration each organization will also be required to submit an organizational budget

*Documentation can be submitted via email to



Questions?  Contact

Alicia Hazelwood at 765-662-9811 or