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Community Listening Sessions

The United Way of Grant County is working with the Harwood Community Conversations model

to host Community Listening Sessions. 


The United Way desire to align our goals with the goals of the community-- allowing

our work to impact the people where they are hurting. These Community Listening Sessions

are geared so that we can gain a better understanding of what people of Grant County

want to see happen in within the community.


Sessions are being held in Upland (7/16/2020 @ 6pm, The Bridge)Fairmount (8/1/2020 @ 10am, The Branch), Marion, Gas City and the Sweetser/Swayzee areas in the near future.



We desire to enable Grant County to be the best that it can be and we need your help!

     If you are interested in participating in one of the Listening Sessions or just want additional

             information, please contact Alicia Hazelwood at

    If you are unable to attend our Listening Sessions but would still like to share your thought please visit:





For more information on the Hardwood Community Conversation content, check out

their website at


We hope you decide to partner with us to help build up Grant County!