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Gift Cards of Thanks

Join this gift-card-contributing, COVID-crushing, Grant County-caring collaborative organized in partnership with the Marion-Grant County Chamber of Commerce, Gas City Area Chamber of Commerce, Upland Chamber of Commerce, Community Foundation of Grant County, Grant County Economic Growth Council and the United Way of Grant County to say thanks to our healthcare heroes and first responders.
Please make an online donation which will be used to purchase gift cards from local Chamber Member retail and restaurants for those working every day at high risk to provide healthcare, safety, and essential services for our Grant County community.
This becomes a two-fold benefit to our community—supporting our essential workers and providing critical cash support to our local businesses during the covid-19 global pandemic. There's always something you can do. Be a part of the solution and help keep the Grant County economy churning! Feel free to share and challenge others to do the same. We're all in this together!
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