Carol Brown

Board Member

Carol Brown is the Associate Dean of Life Calling and Career Development at Indiana Wesleyan University, while also directing the Lily Endowment initiatives for the IWU campus. Carol is a member of the United Way Board and has been serving for 2 years. 

When asked, why do you love Grant County/serving in Grant County? Carol said, 

"I appreciate the size of Grant County-- I grew up in Indianapolis where I rarely saw the same person twice. I appreciate the generations that reside in this county and the loyalty to one another. I find the way of life much more positive and family oriented here!"

Carol serves on this board because she believes that it is an opportunity to serve local needs and provide her inputs on decisions that the board makes. Through her job at Indiana Wesleyan, it allows her to make connections that could benefit the UW and could potentially make for greater marketing and fundraising for the UW.

Carol loves getting to serve and be a part of the UW board, and she has a word for you!

"It doesn't take much to have an impact! If everyone gives a little, we can accomplish big things that could change a child's life."