Brett Carey

Past President
VP of Development, Central Indiana Ethanol (CIE)

Brett Carey serves as the Vice President of Development at Central Indiana Ethanol (CIE) and is the current President of the United Way Board. Brett has been serving on the UW board for roughly 5 years. 

When asked, why do you love Grant County/serving in Grant County? Brett said, 

"Grant County is where I was born and raised. I love the resiliency and tight-knit nature of our community. Grant County has certainly faced challenges over the years, but we've always banded together and bounced back in a strong way."

Brett serves on this board because he believes there is no organization that makes as broad of an impact as the United Way does. He believes that the agencies the UW finds and partners with touch every area of need in Grant County. From food security to health-related issues, from child development to education fronts, he believes the United Way funds all of those causes.

Brett loves getting to serve on an be a part of the United Way board, and he has a word for you!

"There is no much need in Grant County that we don't know about and don't necessarily see. The work the United Way is helping to fund through our agencies touches so many individuals and families in their greatest time of need. Your dollars make the broadest impact in our community and serve the most people by partnering with the United Way."