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Boys and Girls Club Makes Personal Impact in Students Lives


The Boys and Girls Club exists to provide help for youth in the community by providing a safe

and fun place, but also by focusing on and valuing education.


One specific kid at the Club has been very involved and has taken advantage of all that the

Club has to offer; an “every day, every program kid.”


Recently this student came in to update the team on his grades (as usual) and mentioned one

specific grade that was trying to be brought up by an upcoming paper. Wanting to work on the

paper at the Club but conflicted on how this would happen without printing, one of the team

members handed the student an extra flash drive from the desk. After explaining the use and

purpose of a flash drive, the student gladly accepted and was so excited to complete the assignment.


Later in the week, this same student was practicing at the Club with their sports team from MHS.

After practice as over and all the students had gone home, a member of the team received a text

from the student’s mom. The text included a picture of the flash drive and a note that read,

“Club is helping me with school. Can’t wait!”


A flash drive is nothing compared to what the Club does in the long run of these students lives,

but on that day, that flash drive was everything to that one kid. The small things don’t go unnoticed,

and they are the things that end up making a big impact in the lives of the kids at the Club.


The Club meets each kid exactly where they are and with exactly what they specifically need. The Club

does not take for granted the small gestures, conversations, or even gifts (in the form of school help),

because they are what means the most to the kids.


One small act can truly make a difference in the lives of anyone, but especially the kids at the Club.

Small steps today lead to a big impact tomorrow.