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About Us

United Way has brought people and resources together to make the biggest impact on the lives of Grant County (UWGC) focuses on what matters most: Kids, Family, and Community. through our many partnerships we provide a network of services that:

  • help children and youth succeed
  • help families, people with disabilities and seniors to be productive and independent
  • help meet the basic and emergency needs of residents

To make this possible, United Way, an autonomous local non-profit organization, partners with numerous community groups and volunteers to address local issues through resources of time and money. Volunteers make the policy and funding decisions.

Through its fundraising, UWGC helps support 33 programs and initiatives carried out by 14 agency partners.

We adhere to a vision, mission and series of core values everything we do. They are:


United Way of Grant County envisions a caring community working together to improve the lives of all people.


Focus support for Health, Education and Financial Stability in Grant County to achieve measurable results by uniting community resources.


  • Integrity: We demonstrate accountability that inspires trust.
  • Impact: We strive for measurable results that produce lasting improvement in community conditions.
  • Volunteerism: We embrace a spirit of people sharing time, talent, and resources to improve lives.
  • Inclusiveness: We are strong only when we engage all of the community.
  • Leadership: We value and develop diverse leadership for community-building to effect positive change.